Hannah Babies with Mama ReedaReeda and Hannah’s babies

but I am swamped! Reeda and Hannah are doing fine but I am still supplementing the pups…so my day starts with me taking dogs out,then going out and feeding the ‘littles’ – Elvis,Celine and Hallie – then the big dogs and the mamas, then it is time to give bottles and make the puppy gruel for Jezzie’s babies. Out by Jez, I clean up and change out the floor mats, make sure everyone eats enough, clean up again and out again to come back inside do some house chores and get ready for lunch bottles… in between I try to get laundry done, get dinner together, run an errand or two and get back to start evening chores! I sat down to dinner tonight at 8pm, after dishes and putting it all away it was 9pm. Tomorrow I hope to move Reeda out of my kitchen into the new puppy house so I am dashing about all over the place, and after that I am off to the airport y 1pm- oh yeah I got to get all the stuff out of the truck to cram more stuff in it and go to the airport too – all before noon with my morning chores all done too! So I am hoping you guys see why it is highly unlikely that I will have pics and video before Monday. Saturday I need to go get my patient’s cats and get them re-homed, one is going to my sister the other two will go to a friend as a foster home until I find someplace for the two of them – oh yeah and I will be toting my 18mon old grandson with me on Saturday too.

 Does it sound like I am whining? 🙂 I am NOT,NOT,NOT 🙂 But I am busy, the following week Hannah’s babies will be out of the period where I truly worry – the first two weeks is so very crucial to babies and I truly hope I have a tad bit more time, though I need to find a job somewhere in the very near future!

Pics will be coming soon but it won’t be in the next few days! Hang in there I promise I will have them as soon as I can!