We have , of course been busy, nothing new and unusual. I had a lovely scare with two of the puppies and spent the weekend worrying over them – luckily all is well but I still worry.

I have posted some new pics at the smugmug site –

I don’t have the little,little babies pics – but I am trying and I hope that counts šŸ™‚ . The little fawn in the pic with the BlueBerry is Kalena del Piccolo Jigo, our new little Italian princess. She has come as a cooperative effort from her breeders in the hopes to one day send back Kalena babies to do us proud in Italy. She is a wonderful puppy, beautiful, confident and pretty much every thing I could wish for in a Dane puppy and I am very pleased and proud to have her.

I am off to a job fair tomorrow – my first and truly kind of scary – so think positive thoughts for me!