I am typing with a “little” in my lap and she growls when I move her – she does not like being alone and so I carry her alot, I am tossing about hor to make a sling that I could carry her in and her not fall out on her head??  – ideas are appreciated, I am still in my pj’s,have fed my two pups in the kitchen puppy ccu(critical care unit :-)) both are doing well, just takes time when pups get off track sometimes. I have new pics of the ‘Bigs’ up and the ‘Littles’ are loading as I type – the littles are inside and the light stinks and to be honest to sit and post process takes more time than I have so we have what we have…they seem to enjoy eating though and every day they are getting bigger. The weather here in Texas is phenomenal…beautiful, blue skies, warm days, cool nights, so the dogs and all of us are loving it!

John drove to Missouri with our youngest son to see a doctor that is doing a study on the mesh used in hernia repairs and the problems caused by it, we have chased dr’s with his problems for the last 8 -9 yrs each time asking about the hernia repair ,the mesh and the tacks and the possibilities that John’s health issues are tied to that. The Mayo clinic did conclude that we were right several years ago but said nothing could be done…which I refused to accept. So we kept digging and found this study – started in April and the goal is to prove to the MEDICAL COMMUNITY that there is a problem! Wow what a concept…off my rant …anyhoo – John drove up,met the dr – I had sent 9# of medical records up before him and they feel that they can help! Thank God!! So he will go back the end of April for surgery.

I had gone to the job fair interviewed for a pretty cool job on a new unit, the only one of its kind in Houston and was called back for a second interview and yesterday got the call that they wanted me!! I will orient on days then go to nights, which I have not done in 20 yrs or so…but it is a wonderful opportunity and I simply can’t pass it up! I am amazed that God works so quickly. I was so concerned that the time out of ‘real’ nursing would be a detriment to getting hired and this unit is a medical surgical/psych unit! So my experience of the last 14 years will be put to good use and I will be ‘refreshed’ in all the things that I have forgotten while getting paid!! Yahoo!! Best yet I don’t have to start until mid March!

K, that is enough chatting for now, I have chores waiting on me, the puppies need breakfast, and I plan to groom Sile today – which btw  – she looks like she is pregnant and HUNGRY?? all the time!!