I am still busy!! I am starting to wean the Littles, they are eating 3 non-mom meals a day, the Bigs are now eating regular food with water – they have moved up from ground with formula, to soaked with watered down formula to regular with water!! My two littles in the kitchen are doing well the boy, who I am calling BB – Big Boy,Bad Boy, Belly Boy….acts as though he is completely recovered from his hernia repair, stitches come out Monday and he gets to go back and hang out with the rest of the litter again. My little girl, with the hurt shoulder, luckily was an infection from whether a toenail or an inadvertant tooth we will never know but she is doing much better though still not 100%. She is eating great, she hears me and starts fussing , she is a butterball. I am going to start physical therapy with her – in the kitchen sink,swimming…I have been thinking who has a warm pool at this time of year and truly I can’t think of anyone and I think a hot tub may well be too warm?? so the sink it is!

We are expecting more rain this weekend, so my goal today is to get some pictures for you guys!

Valentines was lovely – the boys gave me flowers, one orchid and two potted flowers, I gave John a new Satsuma tree, we haven’t planted any here and had two at our last house and are need of our own oranges!! The boys of course recieved candy and cards and we had a lovely dinner at home!! Today my mom and I are having a Valentines lunch! With that, I must run, I have babies to feed and places to clean up!

Oh! lets start getting some name themes in – we don’t have much time!!