Sile ( that is Sheila for those that are wondering) is due March 1. Today we went to the vet for xrays to count heads and we have a count of FIVE!! Needless to say we are very excited! Towards the end of the week I will set up my larger puppy pen, bring down the whelping pads – I had 3 custom made for her and they are sooo cute. John loves his Sile and he is so very excited to finally have his first wheaten litter. Beau the daddy to the litter is such a sweetheart that we are certain that the litter will be a bunch of love bugs!

It is supposed to rain tomorrow but if I get a break I will try and get some pictures. I am thinking to move all the littles to one puppy house and move the moms out to their girlfriends and simply make the big weaning break but I am not sure, we may drag it out a bit longer. Hannah and Reeda have been out running with the other girls daily for a few hours but are always ready to get back to their kids, so they may well put a kink in my plans. We will see how it goes!