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Chow Time!

New Wheaten baby pics up @

 I have been sending pups home steadily for the last few weeks. I have met some incredibly nice people and my puppies and I are both simply blessed! The pups have grown like little weeds, Jez’s pups top off at about 30# and Hannah’s littles are getting up there too. My two Kitchen Littles are doing well – BB, the boy, went home to MO, to a wonderful family – mom and daughter have had Danes for over 20 yrs and mom was lonely – she got BB the day before her 70th bday and loves him dearly. The downside is his leg rather than getting better is getting worse and so they are off to Columbia U to the vet school there to get help. BB has such a amazing spirit I simply keep praying that all will be well. The little girl,Sandy (Miss Congeniality – thanks Jen!) is still home and I am seriously thinking she will stay but she is doing well and of course still incredibly sassy!

The rest of the crew here are doing well – the girls are settled back into the regular routines and Ben finally will get some rest – girls in heat drive him, Beau &  Gunner nuts and I am happy to have some quiet. The Wheaten babies are it until the end of the year so I will be working on getting the wild bunch trained, hitting the road for some shows and work on my grooming skills in my puppy house/grooming shed – as soon as John gets my big mirror up!!

I start my new job on Monday and will start to settle into a new schedule. I am happy to have this new door open and look forward to the challenge.


I am  presently uploading new pics to the site

I will have several new galleries so you don’t have to dig all through them to see everything!

Sile and babies, day one

The babies are finally here! John has been so excited and Sile almost delivered the pups on his side of the bed, inches from his head!! Quick action on my part had Sile in the bathroom in a flash and the first pup – in fact all of them were delivered in my bathroom! Sile, is now all set up in her puppy pen with her custom covers and they are cosy and comfy and doing wonderfully!!

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