All is well, pups are thriving, moms are doing good, I am getting some sleep now as well and feel almost human!

Please feel free to comment and interact here. I am hoping to get some time in to see how to put a poll up here and get everyone to put in suggestions for names and then have a poll to vote for the theme for both litters. What do you guys think?


Grace was entered at Ft Bend KC both days this weekend and won Reserve Winners Bitch both days! I am editing the video as I ype and hope to have it up at www.inthegardenphotography.net tonight.

We had one more litter to go – and for Reeda my brindle girl this was to be her last litter as well. Unfortunately, it simply was not to be. Reeda went in for an emergency C-section last night , she had only one baby, a brindle girl and she was not alive and though I tried I simply never could get her to breath. Reeda and I came home and I decided to give her a couple of Hannah’s pups to nurse. She accepted them readily, not questions, just happy to have some pups. This morning she stood up and blood poured out of her and scared the bejezus out me, I proceeded to call me vet and scare her too before 5am! Turned out to be heavy seepage but both she and I were totally freaked out that she might be bleeding out. I had a scary few hours today when I truly worried that I might lose her. I kept checking her gums to see if she were pale and she had a quick blood return which was good and a good indicator as well that there was not uncontrolled bleeding going on…Once at the clinic they checked her clotting factors and packed cells(?) the results were normal on both – TG!  I was so very relieved. I felt as though I was going through the days with a dark cloud following me about and truly making me miserable. Today,today I was simply grateful and finally I was hopeful that I wasn’t being followed by a little dark cloud.

Tonight,Reeda has four of Hannah’s babies and they are all doing great. Hannah is happy with the four she has and poor Jez, her babies are like little linebackers with tiny razor coming through their gums,their new baby teeth feel that sharp. Monday we will start them on gruel and give mom a break.

The temps are dropping down to freezing and I have been checking the girls and pups and they are all toasty and warm. Next week is supposed to be wet and cold. Great…

Hannah & Ben pups as well as Jez’s pups are being uploaded right now!
visit http://www.inthegardenphotography.net to see them!

Hannah is far exceeding my expections and negative experiences with her as a mom in the past! She is doing simply wonderfully….nursing,cleaning  – yes ,she is cleaning pups!! She is trying to protect them and likes to lay her head across them when we come in – a head that must seem to weigh a ton to a little puppy…but they are all doing well, remain well hydrated and it takes a huge load of my shoulders.

On a personal note, I have lost my patient last Thursday. I am a private duty RN, having taken care of one patient for the last 14 years. I work with my mother as my opposite nurse and she was with her for 20 yrs, so my patient was so much more – she was family. She was not sick, had no real health problems, she simply laid down and went to sleep and did not wake  up, @ the young age of 67. I am broken hearted, I have truly this summer gotten to a functional place after losing my father last March and now to lose another so close… I count my blessings, I know maybe that seems trite, but it is all I can do – I have always heard and indeed pray that my loved ones pass so peacefully, so in that I am blessed. She made a huge impact in my life, my family’s lives, more blessings. I have never been brought to a challenge by the Lord that I was not able to meet and if He has such confidence in me then I believe that all will be well. Today is the service and the burial, so please have patience as far as pictures and such.

God bless and thank you so much for your prayers because I believe that they made a world of difference!

We are all done delivering pups. Final count is 5 males, 4 females – all fawn as two fawns can only produce fawn. Pups and mom are all doing well!

Hopefully I will have pics and video up in the next couple of days.

Keep up the prayers. Hannah and babies are doing well! We have possibly 3-5 more to go!

We have 6 so far – 3 boys, 3 girls – all are doing well.

Gotta run we should have 4-6 more coming.

I posted this am, well actually yesterday morning, that Hannah’s temperature had gone down and stayed down which is  pretty good sign that pups should be delivered within 24 hours. I went to bed early, left John with Hannah and he came and swapped with me about 12:30. John has a tv & cable set up in the puppy house and so I watched the end of Coal Miners Daughter and Hannah snoozed, then she suddenly got up and went to the door so out we went 

It is in the low 40’s here at night – Hannah stepped off the deck and out slid the puppy! I grabbed her immediately ( I had a towel and a flashlight as well as a leash) came in dried her off – checked to see what sex she was and weighed her! She is 1# 2 oz. She immediatly started crying – another excellant sign – helps clear their lungs – and set to nursing once Hannah laid down again.

Will be posting through the night. I have called the boys and requested a pot of hot chocolate!

It was 98 even when I took it at 8am, and then at noon it was 98.6 – which is a good indicator that pups should start coming in the next 24 hours.
She ate a little this am, not a huge or even normal sized meal but she did eat. She also thought  good nesting place was in the center of my bed and then proceeded to dig and tear my quilt – a quilt that I love and searched for 2 years to get! My own fault for not keeping up with where she was better.

I am moving Jez and her crew out to my old puppy house so Hannah is closer. Jez is such a great mom that I do not have to constantly checking on her as we will need to be doing with Hannah. We also have the cameras in the puppy house next to the house so we can watch her and the pups in the kitchen in case someone falls asleep out there with her. Poor Hannah she is truly not the greatest of moms, she is as gentle as can be but cleaning up puppy messes is simply something for the staff and not the princess!

Will post more as events occur!

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